Alliance Radiation Oncology at Anna Jaques Hospital Becomes C-RAD’s First Total-Integration Customer

Alliance Oncology, a division of Alliance HealthCare Services, and C-RAD are proud to announce that Alliance Radiation Oncology at Anna Jaques Hospital has become the first center in the greater Northshore area to integrate C-RAD’s entire suite of surface tracking and workflow optimization products into their radiation therapy technology program.  The addition of C-RAD systems will enhance patient safety by maximizing precision and efficiency in the delivery of treatments specific to certain cancerous conditions.

The C-RAD suite of equipment that is being added at Alliance Radiation Oncology includes technology that is designed to enhance patient identification, positioning, and workflow including:

cPatient offers contactless, instant patient identity validation for increased patient safety.  The advanced facial recognition technology positively confirms the patient’s identity as they enter the treatment vault or CT simulation and ensures the patient and patient plan are matched every time.

cAccessory works in both the CT simulation and treatment room to ensure that every positioning and treatment delivery device is in place and in use for simulation and patient treatment.  Designed to make set-up accurate and efficient, cAccessory confirms and documents that the right equipment is used as planned.  Everything from headrests to patient positioning devices can be positively confirmed for each and every fraction of radiation delivered.

cPositioning, cMotion and cRespiration are the core of the Catalyst+ HD system.  These three capabilities work in concert to quickly and precisely position the patient, ensure the patient remains comfortably in place, and allows for all types of respiratory gating treatments.  The Sentinel system resides in the CT simulation and provides real-time tracking and coaching of a patient’s breathing pattern during simulation and treatment delivery.  Respiratory coaching is optimized by supplying the patient with effective feedback or their breathing position.  This is done with our traditional methods of 3D glasses or tablet as well as our innovative light coaching panels which illuminate the entire room in varying light colors that direct the patient to a precise breath-hold level.

Tammy Miron, Site Administrator at Alliance Radiation Oncology, commented on the system saying, “I am so excited to be able to offer our patients this option, allowing them to be an active participant in their treatment.  The features with the C-suite platform are a wonderful enhancement to our program, the ambient lighting offers a very simplistic, yet sophisticated, intuitive and touchless approach to patient set-ups each day.”

This new C-RAD installation is part of Alliance Radiation Oncology’s continued focus on treatment accuracy, enhanced patient safety, optimized workflow and maximized clinical confidence.